Monday, March 28, 2005

Clearing Day!

Was awakened again by the rumble of thunder and the flash of lightning in the early morning hours. It rained hard and puddles are standing everywhere in the new green fields. The daffodils are out! Apparently the storm was a sign of clearing; the sun is trying to break through the clouds for the first time since Thursday!

Finished the little cap I crocheted from the merino yarn from the SAFF class. Turned out nice, I think, and I have some ideas on how to fancy up another one. Started the next one with the yarn from the first handpainted rambouillet/mohair roving. The colors are really working; nice subtle changes with an occasional burst of vivid green.

No bunnies in the bunny house. I didn't really expect any because the does just weren't in cooperative moods. When the sun comes out after this long spell of dark rainy days I'll try them all again. Getting lots of bunny inquiries and need some bunnies for them!

Back to putting the house together. The SO can't come down until the weekend so I'm not moving furniture until then. I'll be glad when Dad is here and settled and I can stop living in a turmoil! I have an order to pack from and piles of books to put up on; more Avon bottles and stuff. AND the back of the truck is full!

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