Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bunny House Day

Bunny House Day

The sun was bright yesterday and there was only a gentle breeze blowing. I put on the hated jeans and headed out to clean the bunny house; a bit messy after days of rain and my absence. It was so warm and dry after all the wind that I was able to put rabbits out to play while I did the chores. Woolybuns Crystal is a quiet, undemanding girl, very gentle and a good mother. Greenberry's Chocolat, on the other hand, is a bossy buck that is always at the front of his cage demanding attention and food. Sometimes he hops on out when I open the door to pet him!

The rabbits enjoyed their new hay and I enjoyed the sunshine while I cleaned the floors and some of the trays. My cousin RJ stopped by on her way to the local diner, so I put the rabbits inside and went with her. We had a wonderful visit and took a drive through the country on the way back.

With the bright sunshine and warm weather after all the gray days, I decided to try breeding again. Two does that I tried in the morning thought it was a great idea, Maple and Mary. Angel wasn't happy about the idea but Elwood, an older gentle blue buck, convinced her that it would be OK.

In the afternoon I sheared Greenberry's Autumn Joy, sitting out in front of the bunny house in the sunshine while Chocolat played in the pen and the other rabbits relaxed in their cages. Joy is a sweetheart, patiently lounging in my lap while I scissored away that heavy coat. The resulting wool is pictured above, 9 ounces of richness. There's not a lot of color to chocolate chin, but the texture of Joy's wool is wonderful and there's a nice lot of guard hair. I bred Joy to Delly's Delight Quenten. The does are usually very cooperative in the spring after being sheared, and Joy was no exception. I should have some full nest boxes at the end of April!

After working upstairs and thoroughly stirring up my allergies, I laid down for a few minutes with a book. Then my young friend with the job problems came by with yet another twist to the situation. Fortunately the management has finally decided to transfer her.

After settling the rabbits for the evening I took a long walk on the farm with Lily. We fed the fish; the big catfish were there. They glide through the water and then there is a sudden splash as they twist and quarrel over the feed. A few minnows darted around the edges as we circled the pond. Since it rained the pond is a little flooded and there were some salamanders in the puddles.

We walked down the creek into the woods. Things are getting so green, especially near the creek. I saw some tracks in the mud of the creek bank but I couldn't tell what they were because they were blurred by the rain. Lily sniffed and sniffed; crisscrossing our path after animals that had been by. We ventured down into the rhododendrons by the fence; the creek is so pretty there, slowing down to widen into quiet pools in the shade.

Home again to work on the chenille poncho. I think it will be a poncho. I'm going to try a design with stitches running in two directions for a patchwork effect. Maybe! I put the dyed rovings on the coffee table where they could dry a bit more and I could admire them. Dad's coming next week and when I get him settled I hope to start spinning some of the Shetland/mohair roving. Lura sent another box; can't wait to start dyeing again!

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