Friday, March 04, 2005

Beautiful Bunnies and the Snow is Melting!

The wind has finally died down after howling for three days here and I can look out my window and see bare patches in the fields. I love winter, but I have to admit that bunny chores are much harder in the cold. It's tough to keep water to them, although here I am lucky. It's rare to have more than a day or two at a time when the bottles freeze in the daytime. There should be a picture here somewhere of Greenberry's Autumn Joy. If it's warm enough Delly's Delight Quentin is going to get a haircut!

I've been working this morning on the By-laws for the Virginias' Women in Agriculture group. Interesting group of impressive and active women farmers. They let me in, even though bunny farming might be considered on the fringe! I also heard from my web page host; he's been out of town and disaster struck, but he hopes to have it back up today.

Yesterday I was swamped with stuff to try to make a living, but I'm dying to get out the skeinwinder and start making more lovely handpainted yarns. Hope mine turn out as well as the lovely ones Chris and I did earlier in the week. Have to shear Quentin today if possible and put more Christmas ornaments on Tias, but tonight might be spent winding yarn and watching old Agatha Christie Miss Marple videos!

Can't believe I've posted so long without mentioning the light of my life. Lily is probably an English Springer Spaniel mixed with border collie, if looks and behavior indicate anything. She's been here since she was tiny and has been the joy of all my times, good and bad. I'm getting a little (!) deaf and yesterday Lily told me the phone was ringing.

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Anonymous said...

Lily is such a sweet dog! Pet her for me, ok??