Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Back to My Life

I don't know what it is, but it seems like I can't have a complete web site that works. Both Greenberry House and this blog won't let me change anything directly. Trying to post this through Hello because Blogger won't let me.

Busy morning, seeing the SO off and packing up some sold books and antiques for shipment. Now I'm watching a very light snow fall on the greening grass outside. I saw the first robins yesterday morning, and in the evening on a walk to the pond a red winged blackbird called to us as we passed. The robins are often too early; I see them huddled in the snow and wonder what they find for food. A more certain sign of spring is seeing the red winged blackbirds!

Young people around yesterday, the SO's son and the boy's fiancé came to visit and we showed them the sights of Meadows of Dan. There are pictures here of the family in front of the bunny house and the young couple at Mabry's Mill, a local tourist attraction on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I didn't believe it was possible that anyone could use that hula-hoop! It's huge; I won it at Floydfest one year. The only thing I ever won! The thing scares Lily to death; I tried to sell it at the flea market but there were no takers. Bethany, as little as she is, could make it work!

We went down to North Carolina and visited the Pilot Mountain State Park as well. It's lovely down there; very impressive views and the park is nicely done. I'm a typical local; I don't go to the places nearby unless someone visits. But it makes you appreciate the beauty of where you live when you show it to someone else. We ended the day with a visit to Nancy's Fudge factory in town and a walk on the farm.

Time to start the day; more boxes to move, pictures of the new stock to take and bunnies to tend. I'm always happy to have company but it's nice to settle back into my quiet routines.
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