Sunday, March 06, 2005

Another Bunny Lady Day!

Just saw Cathy Robinson and her lovely daughter and charming granddaughter off with the beautiful rabbits I was keep for her. I'm going to miss that big boy, Harvey, but Cathy has a doe from a line I REALLY want back that she's going to breed to him! I'm in line for a doe from that breeding, hurrah! Cathy was delighted with her new chocolate doe, too, from Chris Morgan. I'm so happy with Snickers, the sister to the doe Cathy took, so there are some cheerful bunny ladies around!

We went to lunch at the local cafe, where they have pan fried chicken just like Grandma used to make. Cathy and I compared pedigree notes and we had a good time just visiting. Then we stopped at a couple of antique shops along the way. Fun! A visit to the bunny house and then I reluctantly parted with Harvey; I would have been sad about letting the chocolate doe go as well if I didn't have Snickers! We chatted a bit more and I got to show off the projects Chris and I worked on; Cathy is really interested in felting and is hoping Chris will do some workshops. I offered to let them all come back here; that would be fun! Cathy gave me a lovely bag of Jacob's wool roving from her sheep; I'm sitting here fondling it and thinking how lovely it will look with my black angora!

I haven't been posting many bunny pictures because I have so many at the web site and I was going to include them when the site comes back up. IF the site ever comes back up. I'm losing confidence! But here are Cathy and her girls getting ready to leave. It was great having them here!

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